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Book no.1


written by Eleni Savoidaki

The Amphimirror, as its name suggests, is a mirror with two sides.
A realistic one and one that makes you see what you imagine...or to put it another way, one that shows you as you are and one that shows you as you would like to be...! Such a "double mirror", as you say, was found in the possession of our friend Dionysia, the new heroine of Sofianna Paidousi.
Dionysia lives in a family like any other and is a girl like any other.

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written by Angelina Papathanasiou

"The Amphimirror" is the title of the second book by Sofianna Paidousi, published by Hydroplano Publications. The illustrator of the book is Nana Papadopoulou.

Personal opinion: Angelina Papathanasiou

The author borrows elements from the classic fairy tale and adapts them to today's times. Dionysia, a teenage girl, lives in a castle with her family. Due to her extra pounds and lack of self-confidence, she spends many hours locked in her room to avoid negative comments from others and teasing.

When her grandmother dies, she bequeaths her a mirror. She herself does not seem satisfied with this bequest. Her siblings were luckier in her view.

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written by Virginia Avgerinou

We presented the author of children's literature, Sofianna Paidousi, when her book titled "Ice Wonder". A remarkable book, that deals with the emotional world of bullied children. A book that does not just refer to the problem but aims to help children to recognize and manage their emotions, but above all to understand that they should speak up if and when something similar happens in their own life or in the life of a peer. 

Last November, her new work entitled "The Amphimirror" was released by Hydroplano Publications, which is aimed at children, teenagers and why not adults too, since it can create thoughts and awaken.

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written by Eleni Papakosta

One of our favorite childhood moments was when we listened to or read fairy tales about witches, magic potions, enchanted princes, evil stepmothers, magic mirrors... So also Sofianna Paidousi, obviously influenced by the readings or hearings of her childhood, writes beautiful stories, which follow the main body of well-known classic fairy tales.


And according to the constant patterns of fairy tales, their heroes usually face some important problem, the solution of which comes with the help of the supernatural, offering the reader an expected happy ending. But to be more specific, here the supernatural does not provide the final solution. It just becomes the perfect occasion to let the heroine take her life into her own hands and achieve her goal.

Book no.2
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