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Book no.1

Written by: Angelina Papathanasiou

The author borrows elements from the classic fairy tale and adapts them to today's times. Dionysia, a teenage girl,  lives in a castle with her family. Due to her extra pounds and lack of self-confidence, she spends many hours locked in her room to avoid negative comments from others and teasing.

When her grandmother dies, she bequeaths her a mirror. She herself does not seem satisfied with this bequest. Her siblings were luckier in her view.

“My beloved granddaughter, this gift will help you achieve your goals. Remember that you need perseverance and patience and of course people to love you and help you. With much love, your grandmother Dionysia"

PS: It's not cursed, it's just magical.

Is the mirror her grandmother left her magical? What are her goals and how will the mirror help her achieve them?

The author deals with many topics. Her heroine, Dionysia, has a problem with her weight. Because of her extra pounds, she doesn't believe in herself and has given up on everything. She feels alone and unhappy.

Many teenagers have problems with their weight. The author, through the story she describes, records the problem, but she doesn't stop there. It shows teenagers that nothing is impossible, as long as there is a will, persistence, patience and of course support from the family environment.

The book contains educational and theatrical games and can become a useful tool in the hands of teachers, combining entertainment and knowledge on proper nutrition. Furthermore, psychologists and nutritionists, through their scientific knowledge, contribute to the understanding of the problem and, of course, to the correct treatment of it by teenagers with weight problems.

Source:, 10 September 22

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Book no.2
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