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Book no.1

Written by: Papakosta Eleni

Graduated from the Department of French Language and Philology of the University of Athens


One of our favorite childhood moments was when we listened to or read fairy tales about witches, magic potions, enchanted princes, evil stepmothers, and magic mirrors... So does Sofianna Paidousi, obviously influenced by the readings or hearings of her childhood, she writes beautiful stories, which follow the basic body of well-known classic fairy tales.
In accordance with the constant patterns of fairy tales, their heroes usually face some important problem, the solution of which comes with the help of the supernatural, offering the reader an expected happy ending. But to be more specific, here the supernatural does not provide the final solution. It simply becomes the ideal occasion for the heroine to take her life into her own hands and achieve her goal.
This is how the story of "The Amphimirror" develops. The central heroine, Dionysia, inherits a mirror from her grandmother. But what is so special about this gift? So the difference of this mirror lies in the fact that it has two sides. This is how the title is justified. Amphimirror: amphi- mirror (both sides) + mirror. What are the properties of this mirror? One side shows the real dimension of things, while the other side shows the best version of themselves of the people who use it. But what was it that Dionysia detested most in her outward appearance? Will she finally be able to realize her long-cherished dream? Will she be able to overcome and win this difficult personal battle? 
Sofianna Paidousi creates a beautiful story, but at the same time very instructive. With beautiful and careful speech, which flows effortlessly, she manages to trouble us and suggest a way to solve the problem.     
The main theme, which is described, is childhood and adolescent obesity, which some characterize as a disease, others as a condition and others as a modern plague. This is a particularly serious problem in our country, which unfortunately occupies one of the first positions worldwide. This scourge, however, besides creating many problems for the child himself (impaired health, aesthetic issues, psychological pressure) also extends to the wider family and social environment. For every problem, however, a suitable solution can be found. It is enough for the child himself to understand it and try a little harder. Always of course appropriate support is required from the family but also from those who come into contact with the child. And because all things require knowledge and the right approach, the help of a nutritionist is clearly very useful and often imperative. In modern developed societies also, psychologists should not be considered taboo, as in matters of eating disorders they can contribute satisfactorily and help in their treatment. 
We will close with the wise words of grandmother Dionysias: “My dear granddaughter, this gift will help you achieve your goals. Remember, you need persistence and patience and of course people to love you and help you. With much love, your grandmother Dionysia".

 Sofianna Paidousi, we wish you the best and look forward to your next creation soon.


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Book no.2
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