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Written by: Eleni Savouidaki

The Amphimirror, as its name suggests, is a mirror with two sides.
A realistic one and one that makes you see what you imagine... or to put it another way, one that shows you as you are and one that shows you as you would like to be...! Such a "double mirror", as you say, was found in the possession of our friend Dionysia, the new heroine of Sofianna Paidousi.
Dionysia lives in a family like any other and is a girl like any other.
Except that she is bothered by her appearance and her extra pounds which make her not feel good about herself and not enjoy life. Will our heroine be able to love herself? How easy is it to get rid of everything that weighs and bothers her? How easy is it to set a goal and stick to it? Will she manage to succeed and banish the extra pounds and with them her low self-esteem?
And was the "mirror" magic after all? 
What exactly is his magic and what is the purpose of the two faces? What is the relationship between magic and our inner strength? Does the magic ultimately lie in motivation and the will to take action and conquer goals and peaks?
"The Amphimirror" is a fairy tale with timely messages.
It first touches on the very important issue of obesity. Which can cause great damage to both our health and our psychology. It gives special value to our self-love, self-confidence and self-esteem. Our health is very important, both physical and mental, and we should pay special attention and care to maintain it.
The "Amphimirror" wants to show how many parameters the image we have of ourselves can determine.
That's why magic comes to take its place, which is nothing more than the strength and determination we need to change, focus with faith and determination on a goal and achieve what we want and what we deserve. And of course, our environment plays an important role in every long and difficult journey. The people who are by our side, who support us and help us each in their own special way, encouraging us to never give up.
A fairy tale for children accompanied by a special illustration.
Intense and lively colors frame serious and realistic figures and depict the everyday life of a group of adults rendering "serious" moments in a way that seems comical. The element of sarcasm is evident in the depiction of expressions and emotions, which is sure to make young readers linger a little longer on each page.
A book that can easily be read by adults as well.

It can be thought-provoking and certainly instructive. The example of Dionysia is one among many that we meet or pass around us every day. It comes, therefore, to show us that "good things come with hard work" and that persistence and effort always pay off and that if we really believe it we can achieve something, even if it seems unreal or... magical...!
At the end of the book, there are educational activities as well as creative writing activities.
At the same time, the nutritionists "enter" and take their position in the book: Dimitris Grigorakis, Panagiota Miari & Konstantina Papageorgiou & psychologist Kalliopi Emmanuilidou. On the last pages of the book, you will also find the Qr code for the exclusive song "Look a little in the mirror", by the Kastoria band "Meidiama" (composed by Babis Stefanidis), with the voice of the singer Eleni Dimou.

Source:, March 4, 2022

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