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Book no.1

Written by: Virginia Avgerinou

We introduced the author of children's literature, Sofianna Paidousi, when her book entitled "Ice Wonder" was released. A remarkable book, that deals with the emotional world of bullied children. A book that does not just refer to the problem but aims to help children to recognize and manage their emotions, but above all to understand that they should speak up if and when something similar happens in their own life or in the life of a peer.

Last November, her new work entitled "The Amphimirror" was released by Hydroplano Publications, which is aimed at children, teenagers and why not adults too, since it can create thoughts and awaken.
A mirror with two sides, one realistic and one that makes you see what you imagine. A family like any other and a young girl who experiences anxiety because of her appearance. What will happen when he decides to fight and shake off everything that bothers her, like her extra pounds? Is patience and belief in a goal rewarded? After all, was the mirror that the girl inherited from his grandmother magical, or is it that after all, the magic is hidden within us and all that is worth believing in ourselves?
The central heroine is the teenage Dionysia, orphaned by her mother, who lives with her father and siblings. Dionysia suffers from excessive weight and consequently feels bad about her appearance, which makes her not enjoy her life, not have friends. When Grandma Dionysia dies and her will is opened each child also inherits something that, as it turns out, is very important. Dionysia, which also had her name, was left with her beloved mirror. A magic mirror with two sides. An aphimirror!
What will happen when Dionysia holds this mirror? What decisions will he make? Will she manage to win her goals, get rid of her extra pounds and win her whole life together?

Based on a two-sided mirror, the project tackles obesity, low self-esteem, human inner strength, willpower and the motivations that drive us to achieve our goals. And it is impressive how the children will be seamlessly taught about self-love, family mutual support, our physical and mental health, taking care of our bodies, sticking to our goals, self-discipline but also the fact that "Good things come after work" .
This is a well-written work, a well-crafted text with excellent writing, plot and flow, a book that has been created with great care and is graced by Nana Papadopoulou's lively and remarkable illustrations.
And if you think the book ends here, you are wrong. Specialized professionals, the psychologist Kalliopi Emmanouilidou and the nutritionists Dimitris Grigorakis, Panagiota Miari and Konstantina Papageorgiou come to "talk" about specific scenes of the play. Following are educational and theatrical games by kindergarten teacher Varvara Pentzeridou and theater expert Athanasia Kalogianni, as well as the Qr code for the song "Look a little in the mirror", with the voice of Eleni Dimou
, of the Kastoria band "Meidiama" in lyrics and composed by the musician and songwriter Babis Stefanidis.

A book that every child deserves to read in order to understand that what is worth in life is not only appearance but inner balance which can be conquered through self-esteem and self-respect.

Source:, March 10, 2022

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Book no.2
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