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The actor Dimitris Giotis becomes... "Ice Wonder",
with his voice and heart and throws himself into the battle against school bullying!


More specifically, the multi-talented actor and director Dimitris Giotis, with a long presence in theater and television, shows reflexes... of sensitivity, love and care for the children of the whole world, through the hero of the new book by the author Sofianna Paidousi, "Ice Wonder", in a dramatized monologue by the latter, which is not included in the book but is part of the extra multi printed audio-visual edition (80 pages), which will be released in early July 2019, by Ocelotos publications.

It is worth noting that the actor Dimitris Giotis has worked with, among others, Aliki Vougiouklakis, Zoe Laskaris, Anna Fonsou, Vera Krouska, Nikos Kourkoulos, Roula Pateraki, Dani Katranidis, Miki Theodorakis, Antonis Kalogridis, George Partsalakis, Cesy Papoutsis, Leda Tasopoulos...

Book no.2
Book no.1
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