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Written by Virginia Avgerinou 

Our page hosts books belonging to Children's and youth literature. And we have mentioned again the fact that children's literature is quite a difficult genre of literature. The sensitive age of the readership they are aiming for requires not only special attention but also a special way of writing, a special handling of language and expression, inventive images that coexist with the text and a strong story that will "hold" on its pages and " teach" spontaneously to young and truly discerning readers. Because, as we have said before, books aimed at children should both entertain and include ideas and virtues that will create clear consciences and develop healthy personalities, without however being didactic but each teaching passing through the pages discreetly and seamlessly.
We will deal with this admittedly difficult genre of literature today on the occasion of Sofianna Paidousi's book entitled "Ice Wonder", illustrated by Penelope Lazari, and published by Ocelotos Publications.
And since our presentation is addressed to parents and teachers, adults who will choose the book for children, we will refer directly to the essential elements of the project.

Book no.2
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Written by: Elena Ioannidou

Ice Wonder is a young student at First High School and the sweetest boy in the world. It's so sweet because it's made entirely of ice cream. However, this external sweetness has also passed into him and thus Ice is kind-hearted and very kind.

But unfortunately, his classmates at his new school ignore his gifts and feel threatened by his difference. A group of children, led by the large Brad, begin to make fun of Ice's appearance and laugh at him. Many children participate in the teasing, some observe passively and only Tom stands by the new student of the school and tries to help him. Little by little and as long as Ice refuses to talk to his teachers or parents, the problem grows and reaches the point where even his life is threatened. Will the little boy be able to overcome his problems? Will anyone notice the bullying against him to help him? Will life in the small school community manage to return to normal?



 Custodians Due to the Arts

Written by: Angelina Papathanasiou

The book by the author Sofianna Paidousi "Ice wonder", is published by Ocelotos publications with illustrations by Penelope Lazari. It refers to school bullying.

Before I started reading the book, I read the Dalai Lama's quote in the book. "Don't let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace".

It is absolutely correct. But in practice, is it easy to apply this to a young child who experiences daily bullying at school by his classmates?

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Alexandros Akritidis comments on the children's book by Sofianna Paidousi,

"Ice wonder" (Oselotos Publications)
Written by: Alexandros Akritidis – Humanities Graduate, Author, Publisher

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The new spiritual "child" of Sofianna Paidousi is entitled "Ice Wonder and I think it is an essential and timely read for children of almost all ages. 

The central theme of the book is school bullying, the so-called bullying, and all the negative effects it can bring on a child. Through a particularly refined, but at the same time dramatic, story, the author describes the arrival of a child in a new place and a new school environment and the problems he faces there due to his diversity. Because indeed, Ice Wonder is a boy whose body is made entirely of ice cream. This difference, however, which the author very sweetly identifies with a favorite confection, could be about the origin, color, sexual contrast, congenital malformation, or mental condition. The excellent descriptive ability of Sofianna Paidousi combined with the knowledge of the subject creates a very tight affair, where each protagonist has his own important role. The hero - the victim, the good friend, aggressive or apathetic classmates, parents and teachers. Step by step we proceed to a story - a punch in the stomach - that clearly reminds us of something negative that we experienced ourselves, our children or some event that shook the whole country (see the Giakoumaki's case). 

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Paidemata: Ice Wonder is a tale that gallops between fantasy and reality

Written by: Eleni Savoidaki - Lawyer, public development executive, mother

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She talks in such a resourceful and sweet way about a serious and heavy subject, aggression and school bullying. Ice Wonder is a boy made entirely of ice cream. He recently moved with his parents from the North Pole to a new country in the South, where life is entirely different. When the time comes for him to go to school he is faced with a very difficult situation. His difference will be a source of ridicule and brutality from a large portion of his classmates. A gang of children, led by the large Brad, begins to make fun of his appearance and laugh at him. Many children participate in the teasing, while some passively observe. Only one of his classmates, Tom, is able to approach him, help him, and support him practically. Having experienced similar behaviors from his classmates in the past, he is able to show empathy. He even tries to convince Ice Wonder to talk to the teachers, the principal or his parents about the brutalities he is suffering but in vain. And as long as Ice Wonder refuses to speak, the problem grows. Teasing turns into violence. Until a gruesome event that almost cost Ice Wonder his own life was the occasion to bring to light everything that was taking place outside the halls and finally put things in their place.

It is a special fairy tale that exploits and utilizes its main ingredient, imagination, in order to touch on a major problem of the modern age.

Incy Teachy:

What happens when you're the only student in your school who's from the North Pole and made of ice cream?
You do what Ice Wonder does! You do your best not to melt... 

Written by: Annia Kastrinaki

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Sweet Sofianna's book, with the beautiful dedication she wrote to me on the first page, is a fairy tale different from the others...

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Learn about Sofianna Paidousis's Ice Wonder! 

Written by: Manolis Daloukas, journalist

Perhaps the most interesting children's book was released last year. Sofianna talks to the children about the real and huge problem of school bullying. Different - and bullied for that - by his classmates, Ice Wonder, is the hero who experiences cruel bowling, but ultimately becomes a lesson in unity and love. Sofianna, trained as a kindergarten teacher, knows the right way to pose this problem to the children. And it undoubtedly wins their attention to the great right to be different.

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A Tale of School Bullying, "Ice Wonder" by Sofianna Paidousi.

written: by Vangelis Alexopoulos - teacher

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The storyteller Sofianna Paidousi and Ocelotos publications introduce us to Ice Wonder a child so sweet but a little different from the rest of the school. From the very first day at his new school, he becomes a victim of bullying by the known-unknown gang of bullies! What can they do to him and how cruel can they get? What is Ice Wonder's reaction and what should he have done in the first place? Who will finally be the one to save the boy?

A story that happens often in the Greek school, with the same roles and with similar protagonists, but not always with the same ending.

A story that I strongly recommend to parents to read with their children and to teachers with their students. In addition to the educational history, the book includes the comments and valuable advice of a well-trained and experienced group of experts on the phenomenon of school bullying. Of particular interest are the three role-changing experiential activities which strengthen the teachers' quiver in the fight against school bullying.

Source:, July 24, 2019

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The... storyteller Sofianna Paidousi introduces us to her new book "Ice Wonder"

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THE…. fairy tale writer Sofianna Paidousi introduces us to her new book "Ice Wonder".

An amazing tale about school bullying through colors and pictures. Sofianna Paidousi, storyteller and more (biography follows), who shares her residence between four cities, among them Corfu, presents us with her new children's book "Ice Wonder" which is worth reading both by you and our little friends – our children. It's about a boy, who is made entirely of ice cream, who recently moved with his parents from the North Pole to a new country in the South, to a new residence, to a new life. Will his new classmates accept him or will they make life difficult for him at school? A fairy tale that touches on a major problem of our modern times and torments many parents, teachers and especially students in the small society of the school: school bullying.


Source: July 4, 2019

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