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We read…. "Ice Wonder" by Sofianna Paidousi

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What happens when you're the only student in your school who's from the North Pole and made of ice cream?
You do what Ice Wonder does! You do your best not to melt...

Sweet Sofianna's book, with the beautiful dedication she wrote to me on the first page, is a fairy tale different from the others.

Ice Wonder is a child who came from the North Pole with his parents. The situation at school is not what he expected. There is a group of his classmates who mock and taunt him. Our Ice Wonder does not know what to do to avoid them. But why do they behave this way?

What did he do to them?

All he wanted was to go to his new school and make friends. To chat and joke together.

Will Ice Wonder succeed in teaching his classmates the love for the different? Will he show them how warm his heart is even though he is made of ice cream?

A fairy tale written with love, which excites young and older children and touches on an issue that has now taken on great proportions in our country and throughout the European Union: school bullying.

The children will reflect on questions that we teachers and parents need to ask them.

Bonus: at the end of the book you will find many ideas for games if you are an educator and also a note on the psychological and social dimensions of the fairy tale if you are a parent!

Annia Kastrinaki

Source: Inchy Teachy September 26, 2019

Book no.2
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