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Alexandros Akritidis comments on the children's book by Sofianna Paidousi,

"Ice Wonder" (Oselotos Publications)
Written by: Alexandros Akritidis – Humanities Graduate, Author 

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The new spiritual "child" of Sofiana Paidousi is entitled "Ice Wonder" and I think it is a very important and timely read for children of almost all ages. 

The main theme of the book is school bullying, the so-called bullying, and all the negative effects it can bring on a child. Through a particularly refined, but at the same time dramatic, story, the author describes the arrival of a child in a new place and a new school environment and the problems he faces there due to his diversity. Because indeed, Ice is a boy whose body is made entirely of ice cream. This difference, however, which the author very sweetly identifies with a favorite confection, could be about the origin, color, sexual difference, congenital malformation or mental condition. The excellent descriptive ability of Sofianna Paidousi combined with the knowledge of the subject creates a very tight affair, where each protagonist has his own important role. The hero, the passionate, the good friend, the aggressive or apathetic classmates, parents and teachers. Step by step we proceed to a story - a punch in the stomach - that clearly reminds us of something negative that we experienced ourselves, our children or some event that shook the whole country (see the Giakoumaki case). 

As far as bullying is concerned, the author literally exhausts every parameter, whether it concerns diversity, or the nurturing of children, or the causes that create such behaviors in children. However, we would be doing the text an injustice if we did not mention that the story we are reading touches on other topics as well. First of all, it all starts with an ecological disaster. Melting ice, population movements, deaths due to climate change. It also touches on the issue of adoption and the role of adoptive parents, when their children are faced with such issues in school settings. Because indeed adopted children are also "suitable" targets for some others to manifest their negative behaviors. And as important as the role of the good friend, who stands by the beleaguered Ice, as he himself had experienced similar situations, the role of the abuser - Brad, who, being the son of the Director, feels that he is in a safe place and the position of absolute power. And here what does the author tell us? That the educational level of the parents is not important, but above all the importance of the proper socialization of the family members as well as the correct nurturing, based on kindness and morality. 

A pleasant surprise is the fact that the book is prefaced by General Manolis Sfakianakis and Kelly Ioannou, a criminologist with extensive experience in such matters. And of course, what can I say about Mr. Sfakianakis and what he achieved in our country by directing the Prosecution of Electronic Crime, with child pornography as a cutting edge. The beautiful work is complemented by texts from experts in school bullying, clever activities  and an all-star recorded narration together with a beautiful song, which you will find in a QR code. I left for the end the illustrator, Penelope Lazari, who with her wonderful drawings, the perfect stage space, the colors and the expressiveness of the faces, creates a world worthy of the wonderful text of Sofianna Paidousi. So a large number of contributors worked so that we have in our hands this excellent read, which should be read by parents, children and educators.       

Sofiana Paidousi's story closes with a happy ending, even though the case in real life could have turned out much worse. But let's not overlook the fact that this is a children's book and the messages it "must" convey, if nothing else, must be positive. I sincerely congratulate the author and the excellent and complete work he delivered., September 30, 2019

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