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Ice Wonder is a young student at First High School and the sweetest boy in the world. It's so sweet because it's made entirely of ice cream. However, this external sweetness has also passed into him and thus Ice is kind-hearted and very kind.

But unfortunately, his classmates at his new school ignore his gifts and feel threatened by his difference. A group of children, led by the large Brad, begin to make fun of Ice's appearance and laugh at him. Many children participate in the teasing, some observe passively and only Tom stands by the new student of the school and tries to help him. Little by little and as long as Ice refuses to talk to his teachers or parents, the problem grows and reaches the point where even his life is threatened. Will the little boy be able to overcome his problems? Will anyone notice the bullying against him to help him? Will life in the small school community manage to return to normal?

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Book no.2
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"Ice Wonder" by Sofianna Paidousi, is one of the most complete books about a subject that is always current and concerns every school in every corner of the world, school bullying or otherwise bullying. The illustrative and emotional narration of the story is complemented by the colorful and careful images of Penelope Lazari. Text and illustration combine harmoniously to create an intense effect that transports the reader to the school of Brad and Ice and helps them feel part of the story.

And if these were not already enough, this fairy tale is supplemented by texts and suggestions of renowned teachers and psychologists. After the end of the story, the reader can find carefully planned creative activities and theatrical games that can be implemented in a school classroom, in order to create a climate of trust and bonding, but also to develop the all-important ability of empathy. In addition, the book contains texts by psychologists who express their positions and opinions on the subject of school bullying, while there are even coloring pages for young readers. Even when one closes the pages of the book, one can continue to feel part of the story by listening to the recorded narration and the song specially written to accompany it.

Sofianna Paidousi has created an excellent fairy tale for older children that offers a comprehensive look at the issue of school bullying. This is a book that can teach children a lot about the psychology of not only the victim but also the perpetrator, about the role of the observer, about empathy and about the power of forgiveness. "Ice Wonder", the sweetest boy in the world, will surely leave some of his ice cream in your heart and make you love him.

Elena Ioannidou
Her love of books started at an early age and continued with writing articles for the school newspaper. She speaks two foreign languages and has attended several years of Theater and Monoody courses, while she holds a degree in Harmony. She is currently studying Medicine at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and is preparing for her piano degree exams.

Source: Bookfeed, August 6, 2019

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