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Book no.1

"Ice wonder" is a fairy tale that gallops between fantasy and reality.

Written by: Eleni Savouidaki, lawyer, public administration executive, mother

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"Ice wonder" is a fairy tale that gallops between fantasy and reality.

It talks in such a resourceful and sweet way about a serious and heavy subject, aggression and school bullying. Ice is a boy made entirely of ice cream. He recently moved with his parents from the North Pole to a new country in the South, where life is entirely different. When the time comes for him to go to school he is faced with a very difficult situation. His difference will be a source of ridicule and brutality from a large portion of his classmates. A gang of children, led by the large Brad, begins to make fun of Ice's appearance and laugh at him. Many children participate in the teasing, while some passively observe. Only one of his classmates, Tom, is able to approach him, help him, and support him practically. Having experienced similar behaviors from his classmates in the past, he is able to show empathy. He even tries to convince Ice to talk to the teachers, the principal or his parents about the brutalities he is suffering but in vain. And as long as Ice refuses to speak, the problem grows. Teasing turns into violence. Until a gruesome event that almost cost Ice his own life was the occasion to bring to light everything that was taking place outside the halls and finally put things in their place.

It is a special fairy tale that exploits and utilizes its main ingredient, imagination, in order to touch on a major problem of the modern age.

A problem that torments many parents, teachers and especially students at school. That of bullying, school bullying. Which has its source in diversity, whether it is related to color, language, origin, sexual orientation or anything else. In this case, Ice is a child made of another material and in fact every child's favorite, ice cream! But this does not negate its diversity. This is the reason for our protagonist to be the victim of aggressive and violent behaviors that daily injure his body and soul. And so are the bodies and souls of all children who experience similar situations. And indeed in the school area where the cultivation of spirit and soul is promoted...

Fortunately, Ice's story has a happy ending.

Perhaps fatally so due to the nature of the book intended for children. In real life, however, this is not a given. In fact, real incidents where things did not turn out positively have been a source of inspiration for the author, such as the much-lauded Giakoumaki case. So he takes the opportunity to weave a well-crafted, dramatic but also as simple a story as possible to speak to even younger children and to be able to grasp the book's messages. And it had a happy outcome not only for the victim but also for the abuser, who realized his mistake, learned his lesson and changed for the better. And this is despite the fact that Brad is the son of the Headmistress of the school, having the belief that he is in the bulletproof zone and that he has absolute power to impose himself on his classmates at will.

The author unfolds her descriptive talent and at the same time demonstrates knowledge regarding the issue of bullying.

It thus composes a story with coherence and logical order. Each hero has his own important role so that all the factors that make up a true bullying environment are visible. Ice is the first we see and is the main character who is being bullied. We see the good friend trying to help. This shows empathy and support since he himself has been in the position of the victim in the past. We see the leader of the gang who, not coincidentally, is also the director's son. The other active members of the gang as well as the apathetic classmates have a spectator role in what is taking place.  Parents and educators who are ignorant of incidents of aggression unfolding literally under their noses. Therefore, the parameter of diversity and the question of raising awareness and educating children are touched upon, as well as the causes that lead children to aggression and bullying. Especially the role of Brad teaches us that the educational or social status of the parents does not matter. On the contrary, what counts is the proper socialization of the members of a family and the transmission of moral values, respect and humanity. And this is how we see a story that all of us will have either experienced with one of the above roles or heard about it happening around us.
And in order to weave her story even more beautifully and multifaceted, the author composes a background in which she utilizes and offers other kinds of knowledge and messages.
How is it that a child made of ice cream is suddenly in a country like ours? The cause is an ecological disaster. The melting of the ice caps, is accompanied by population movements and deaths due to climate change. All this is also connected to the issue of adoption and the role of adoptive parents, whose children experience such adversities in the school environment. Because even being an adopted child, as in this case Ice, is a form of diversity that makes him a possible "target" of would-be bullies.
Ice wonder could be characterized as one of the most complete books on the subject of school bullying.
A topic that is always relevant and that requires awareness from every school and every home with children.  The narration is quite descriptive and unfolds all these emotions that our heroes feel. It makes us empathize and sympathize with the troubled protagonist and agonize with him. The illustration so vividly complements and depicts so faithfully all these experiences and feelings. The overall effect is so harmonious that it takes us to Ice's school and we become his classmates and friends.
This is a story that deserves to be read by parents with their children.
But it is also an awareness tool for teachers toward their students. And this is because the book, in addition to the educational history, includes the comments and valuable advice of a well-qualified and experienced group of experts, educators and psychologists, regarding the phenomenon of school bullying. Of particular interest are the three experiential role-changing activities intended for use by teachers in the classroom. Their goal is to create a climate of trust and bonding but also to develop the most important ability of empathy. At the end of the book, someone will even find coloring pages for young readers. The book is also accompanied by a recorded narration and a song written specifically for this particular story.
"Ice wonder" can teach children and parents a lot.
From the feelings and psychology of the victim and the perpetrator to the attitude that the observers must follow as indirectly involved. A great lesson in empathy and the importance of sincere repentance and true forgiveness. And the author achieves this by not siding with the victim or blaming the abuser. This is why the plot takes this turn (remorse-forgiveness). What is of interest to the author and what is most important for children who suffer violence at school is to talk. Without fear or shame. To feel trust towards adults, parents and teachers. Because both are and should be present to listen and help. For this reason, the book also offers plenty of food for thought to us parents about the way we raise our children and the relationship we have with them. How close are we to them? How comfortable are they to talk to us about their sensitive personal problems? Do they feel they are getting enough support from us in their day-to-day issues? Do they feel safe to talk to us about more serious things? Do they have sufficient reserves of love, tenderness and self-confidence so that they do not embody the profile of an insecure target child?


Source:, May 24, 2020

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