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Interview with journalist Nikos Kolitsis

Clinical criminologist and psychologist Kelly Ioannou, Director of the CSI Institute (International Cybersecurity Institute), meets "Ice Wonder" and his spiritual mother, writer Sofianna Paidousi, at the 48th Zappeion Book Festival.

The reason and occasion for the literary and "real life" meeting was the cooperation and assistance of the Institute, through the "guardian angel", General Manolis Sfakianakis, in the fairy tale of the author and in the constant fight against the school and online bullying.
Kelly Ioannou, under... the watchful eye of "Ice Wonder"- in an exclusive and full of surprises, news and scientific truths interview-, elaborates on the multifactorial phenomenon of bullying, outlines the representative type of "Ice Wonder" in the Greek school, suggests ways of correct management at school and at home, ("Only what is communicated, can be solved") and points out, in an auspicious way, the dangers of the lack of measure in the assessment of children's mental health.
In addition, she gleans characteristic elements of the emblematic personality of the "active listener" General Manolis Sfakianakis ("Without rejecting anyone, he managed to be a big hug for everyone") and reveals the latter's love for fairy tales and stories.
At the same time, Kelly Ioannou assesses the evolution of the phenomenon of bullying in the future ("In everything new, we also have a phenomenon that becomes more complex and evolves") and gives a different and more... mysterious ending to the story of Ice Wonder, with a reversal of victim-perpetrator roles, which is common in reality ("Children, when shocked, experience and capture the message better").
Last but not least, the Director of the Institute, analyzes, for the first time on camera, the ambitious anti-bullying project, which aspires to be, through reverse psychology and "student ambassadors" in every school class, the antidote to the phenomenon, which needs the support of everyone, young and old, for its positive treatment. 
After all, Ice Wonder has started to smile more, while after the wishes, the positive reinforcement and the encouragement of the psychologist for his time in the Theater and... in the Seventh Art, it is inevitable that he will not easily be able to close an eye in the evenings until at least this is done!


Kelly Ioannou, Director of the CSI Institute talks about "Ice Wonder"

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Penelope Lazaris ("Ice Wonder" illustrator):

"Ice wonder manages to "shake" the parent, the teacher and the psychologist"

Book no.2
Πηνελόπη Λάζαρη

The illustrator Penelope Lazari draws the life of "Ice Wonder" like... ice cream, from the North Pole to his school on Earth, in the new children's book by the author Sofianna Paidousi and to an interplanetary rest station, opens - in Fairytales and to the journalist Nikos Kolitsis- the wings of her heart and mind, with touching, is the truth, way, with the thought always on Ice wonder and the issue of school bullying she faces. 

After all, as the children say about Penelope Lazari herself: "Wow, you draw very well! But are there fairies and dragons?'

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