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  asks Angelina Papathanasiou

Today in Thematofylakes logo tehnon, we host educator, writer, English teacher and blogger, Sofianna Paidousi, on the occasion of the release of her children's book "Ice Wonder",

by Ocelotos publications.


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Book no.1

Good evening, Mrs. Paidousi. Thank you very much for the interview you are granting us. You are a person with many interests. Which of the above qualities best represents you and why?

S.P. All these qualities, and some more, are an integral part of me. The writing of fairy tales, however, because it is a complete process and very creative for me from all sides, is currently the most representative.

This, in its entirety, includes the conception of the idea, regarding a subject that troubles me, setting up the respective characters, the plot of the story, finding the right illustrator from my side, who will be able to render what I want to show in the most appropriate and imaginative way, the final setup of the book, whether it is electronic or printed (because it is completely different) and of course the search for the professionals who will work with me.

The goal is to have a result that is as even and complete as possible, collaborative in its entirety, whether it is actors, singers, musicians, or psychologists or educators, all renowned in their field. Of course, an important role is also played by the personalities who accept our proposal to participate, in the form of a foreword, in the book, essentially and symbolically, "intervening" in their own unique way, which is a special honor for me every time!  

What was the reason for the birth of "Ice Wonder", the hero of your first book?

S.P. The reason was an incident that happened several years ago, with a tragic end, in Greece. Similar incidents generally happened more abroad, but, unfortunately, they are now also happening in Greece in recent years. Some of them, of course, do not even come to light or come only when they have a dramatic conclusion.  

School bullying is a phenomenon with large dimensions. Many incidents of violence have affected the school community in recent years. Most victims of school bullying keep their mouths shut, out of fear, out of shame. How easy or difficult is it to change this situation and finally punish the perpetrators?

S.P. It is not easy at all, especially when we are talking about children who are in adolescence and their minds are on the changes, physical and psychological, which are taking place at a very fast pace and may affect them.

Nevertheless, I believe - both as a parent and as an educator - that it is necessary to talk openly with our children, to listen to them and to notice early any differences in their behavior, especially when they are in a new environment. They usually believe that it is their own fault that this is happening. For example, they are a little different in appearance (as is Ice wonder, but who is the same?), and they feel remorseful and isolated, which worsens the situation at home and at school.

If they are ashamed and do not want to talk to their own parents, who are among the few people who love them selflessly, they can turn to teachers or psychologists they trust, and they are the most suitable to manage such cases. Fortunately, in recent years, the presence of a psychologist in most, at least, schools tends to become a reality, as is the case in advanced countries abroad.

Having completed studies in theater, screenwriting and audiovisual material production, would you ever like to see your hero on a stage? Are there such thoughts that can be put into action in the future?

Ice wonder's story is already written in such a way that it can be made into a short film by me. Soon I hope that it will be written in a play so that it can be staged in Athens, Thessaloniki and the surrounding area. It would be nice to have the work done as soon as possible! Ice Wonder himself, see how happy he will be!


You are a person of many interests, but also a new mother. Is it easy to combine motherhood with all your interests? Is there anything that worries you most about the future of our children?

S.P. It's not easy at all, especially for a breastfeeding mother (yes, more and more Greek women are breastfeeding, as much as we can!) like me! She needs a lot of help, positive reinforcement and support from his family and the wider environment.

Of course, many times I lack the concentration and time I wish I had to record an idea that came to me at an unsuspected time, because ideas, as you understand, do not come by order... Nevertheless, life with a child offers other, different, countless, priceless moments, which you wouldn't experience even if you were the author of Harry Potter!!!

Regarding the second part of the question, of course, EVERYTHING in relation to the future of our children worries me! Where do I start? From climate change and the rapid destruction of the Amazon forest and the natural environment worldwide?

But let's limit ourselves to our everyday life... here we don't know where it is safe for our children to play! In stadiums? In playgrounds? At an amusement park? Even on the sidewalk, when they walk, it can turn out to be very dangerous now... and all because of the very loose legislative framework that prevails in this country and the lack of faithful observance of the laws.

However, every time I read the news (which I carefully avoid, but it's not always easy on the internet) and I come across something like this, I put myself in the mother's shoes and say: "If I were her, if something bad happened to my child, what I would do?"

Writer-wise, are there any new heroes sweetly torturing you this season, patiently waiting to be fleshed out?

S.P. There are already other fairy tales written, some with well-known heroes that we have all loved since our childhood and we will see them at some point in new different adventures, with surprises and twists.

The next fairy tale, however, which is patiently waiting for its turn to be published, is of the period, it is called "The Amphimirror" and its theme is childhood obesity, with a magical approach!

Just before we wrap up the interview, is there anything you would like to say to our readers?

S.P. To spend quality time with their children, to listen to them, to chat with them, and not to leave them in front of small or large screens. However, in order to do this, we adults need to do it first, forming healthy patterns of behavior and social interaction.

If our Lilliputian friends see their parents all the time in front of a mobile or tablet, how do we expect them to read a book afterward? Personally, what I remember most nostalgically from my school days, is the smell of a new book or even an old one, which I happily borrowed from the neighborhood library! What carefree years...


Thank you very much for your time. Happy creative continuation. Good luck with your book.

S.P. Thank you very much in turn. May you continue to be faithful thematofylakes of the art, ideas and culture! We all need it, young and old. Happy autumn from Ice Wonder and me!

Text editor: Zoi Tsoura

Main image editor: Nektaria Poultsidi

Source: Custodians Due to Arts, 24 Nov. 2021

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