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Sofiaana Paidousi

(Photo: M. Dalukas, 2017)

Book no.1

Sofianna Paidousi – Creator of fairytale situations


Sofianna is a case of a storyteller in the correct sense of the term. 
She doesn't tell you fairy tales, she takes you on a journey with true lies. Are you feeling bad? She is ready to tell you a fairy tale and take you to the land of myth. She herself will create an atmosphere, in terms of role-playing. She will become Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, Little Mermaid, to read you the sacred fairy tales, which will bring you to your only homeland, the country of childhood.

I didn't know her until she sent me a video message from Thessaloniki, where she lives, when she found out I was doing the Matala project. I did not believe it. She was on the beach, like the Little Mermaid.


Then we talked on the phone.

- I am coming to Athens, if you want me to participate in Today is Life, the project for Matala, she told me.
-How should I dress? Mermaid, princess... what else?
-No, normal clothes. 

He came. Rock guy. In the project, she read a poem by Laskos, one by Lotris and thoughts by Cavafy on the consoling importance of laughter.


Later she began to tell me the tale of Little Red Riding Hood, but much changed. 
- I have made it a book, it is Red Riding Hood, in a new version, she explained to me.


Her story said that Little Red Riding Hood, after escaping from the evil wolf, grew up and went to school in Athens. Her classmate was Snow White. Some rough kids there were making fun of them for the weird clothes. "Red cape! hahaha" but Little Red Riding Hood and Snow White, they didn't care - if other people didn't like the way they dressed, it was other people's problem and not theirs. 

With this fairy tale, Sofianna, as if she was telling me that it was wrong, that I didn't want her to come to the project dressed as a fairy tale heroine. She was right.
I thank Sofianna, for what she taught me with her fabulous attitude. And I declare her a princess. Today may be difficult times for fairy tale heroes, but all these wonderful fantasy creatures will never cease to exist, even secretly, somewhere inside us. 

Source: HISTORY OF GREEK YOUTH, The blog of Manolis Daloukas

November 30, 2017

Book no.2
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