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Conversation in the "courtyard", with the author Sofiana Paidousi

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Although Sofianna loves fairy tales, in conversation...

that we did with her, she impressed us with her beliefs, but also the general philosophy she has for life and every expression of it, as she says: "Everything is in the mind".

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Book no.1

What do you miss from your childhood?
Having a little brother and growing up together. To have a travel companion, that is, at this age, to advise him or to be advised by him and also to be my best friend.

Favorite fairy tale hero, who was he/she?
From every fairy tale I loved, a hero emerged who became my friend and still is... So I have had many "fairy tale" friends since I was a child.

Does each hero of your books "betray" little secrets of yourself?
Of course... I think this happens with every author, as many times the names and characters may hide personal experiences. Nothing is a coincidence. In the case of Ice wonder, of course, it is not written from my personal experience, as fortunately I have never been bullied at school, but from a tragic incident that happened a few years ago in our country and "shook" me... Tragic irony that a few days ago the case was heard and the sentences were announced for those found guilty by the court, after so many years...

What do you consider to be God's gift to your character?
I don't consider myself to have any "divine gift", but that is better for others to judge, in any case...

What is your main flaw?
The impatience!

Do you consider fate the script of your life?
No, I don't believe in fate. I believe in the choices we make in every moment of our lives, in timing and much more in luck. We don't hear often. "The unfortunate passer-by lost his life from..." So what should I believe, that God decided to take his life for no reason or that he was just unlucky?!

How do you express your love?
With deeds, I am not a person of words.

Is optimism in your life dictionary?
Yes, there is, or at least that's what I want to believe, that's why I write fairy tales and I started the blog, because I saw that the world around me didn't like me at all and I wanted to create a magical, fairy-tale world, where everything has a happy ending, something which, unfortunately, does not always happen in the real world.

What are you doing these days?
I'm writing a new fairy tale aimed at older children, adapting it into a theatrical performance and illustrating another one...

What is your favorite Greek movie or what do you think is a companion in your life?
I grew up with old classic Greek cinema, although it has been many years since I saw a Greek film. I don't have a specific one, however, that I consider a companion in my life.

What is your favorite item, your "charm"?
I don't have a charm, I don't believe in charms, yet I get anxious when I leave home and forget my cell phone. I wonder how we lived for so many years without them... What carefree times!

What is your favorite saying?
"Everything is in the mind"...

Do you think the authorities are silencing the arts out of fear or inability to support them?
They silence them but I don't think out of fear, they just can't amplify them. All forms of art will always emanate from their creators no matter what is done with power.

What do you think is the reason the Greek finds it difficult to embrace the book?
Unfortunately, there is an abundance of books and it is very difficult to choose one book over another. Also, recent research has shown that we have an extremely small percentage of people who read books but, paradoxically, a large percentage of people who write (myself included).

If you were given a few minutes of "legislator" time, what law would you enact?
I would like all the laws concerning the personal safety of citizens to be much stricter and of course to be observed at all times. Most importantly, the road behavior. We cannot remain one of the countries with the highest rate of traffic accidents in Europe.

If an evil witch made an animal with her wand, what would you like to be?
Cat, to be independent, but to have my space at home to relax and lie down, without disturbing anyone!

Do you believe in dreams?
Of course I believe, although fortunately for me, even when they are nightmares, they don't come true!

If a child asked you for advice, what would you tell them?
To follow his dreams and try to convince those who love him to help him achieve them.

Source: 27 Jul 2019

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