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-How did you start writing fairy tales?

As a kindergarten teacher, I always had a tendency to look for modern fairy tales, in addition to the classics already known to children. Fairy tales refer to modern problems of everyday life.


-What was your first fairy tale and what was the reason for writing it?

"Beauty and the Beast… So what?" When I was a child I always wondered what happened after the fairy tales ended, what happened to the heroes. That's why I've always liked movies based on adaptations of classic fairy tales.


-What do the words formed from the letters of your name mean to you:


Respect: To respect diversity in people and children.


Beauty: It is a necessity that none of our actions lacks.


Fear: It helps many times not to do reckless actions.


Ideal: It is not bad to look for it in our life.


Love: To show it daily to the people around us, nothing is taken for granted.


Fairies: My best friends!


Night: The best time to dream.


Beginning: Every day and a new beginning in our life.


 Fairytales: They "haunt" us throughout our lives. Don't we always hope for a happy future??


English: Necessary in our time, even to open our computer.


Idea: Recorded on a pad that is always in my bag... No one ever knows...


Dragon: The embodiment of evil. In fairy tales at least he gets punished, hopefully in real life at some point.


When I wake up in the morning... I hope to see a better world for all of us and especially for our children...


Postscript: Don't rest… the story continues…


Career: To start from our real appeal to something.


Sunset: My favorite moment. Whatever happened during the day can magically end.

Source:, 2017

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