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Ice Wonder, a boy made entirely of ice cream, has recently moved with his parents from the North Pole to a new country in the South, to a new home, to a new life. Will his new classmates accept him or will they make life difficult for him at school?

In the fairy-tale book for children and adults, published by Ocelotos Publications, Sofianna Paidousi touches on a major problem of our modern times that torments many parents, teachers and especially students in the small society of the school: school bullying. The young writer and mother, after welcoming young and old at the 48th Book Festival in Zappeion, which took place in September, talks to mikrofwno about her first literary "child". At the same time, it is also the most comprehensive package on school bullying in Greece, as a multitude of experts have worked on this book, which is food for thought for children, parents, and teachers.


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Get to know the talented Sofianna and her sweet "Ice Wonder" through the following interview!

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Dear Sofianna, first of all, welcome to the Microphone. So tell us a little about yourself and, above all, how did you start writing fairy tales?

Nice to meet you! I have completed my studies in the Department of Early Childhood Education, National & Kapodistrian University of Athens, it's just that my concerns were, in a way, more artistic, I would dare to say, so I studied film at New York Collage and production of audio-visual material at IEK Akmi. Later, I studied, among other things, children's story writing and adolescent literature at Tabula Rasa. There I found that I like the fairy tale even more, as it combines the writing with the childhood and innocence that I adore. Plus, it's something that goes 100% through me and doesn't require the approval of others, so I'm doing my best to make it as smooth as possible. I want it to be, that is, as I would like it to be a fairy tale that I will read to my child.

Did you read when you were little? What was your favorite fairy tale and why?

Yes, I read many fairy tales over and over again… I liked the heroes and heroines, who were usually young princesses in beautiful dresses. I would then sit and draw them for hours or create, with my imagination, my own heroines. However, I don't remember having a specific fairy tale that I love more. All of them were potential friends of mine. Even the "bad guys" and "villains" of fairy tales!

The hero of your book is "Ice Wonder", a boy made entirely of ice cream. Why did you choose to take this form and not be an ordinary human?

Ice Wonder is a hero who is, on the one hand, visibly different from the rest of the children, because he is made of another material (ice cream), which practically means that no child can identify with him. Of course, this is not the goal, but on the other hand, every child has a chance to see in Ice Wonder some elements either of themselves or of a classmate. Certainly, however, because of its "sugary" material, I hope it will sweeten the hearts of all children, young and old.

What difficulties does your hero face?

So Ice Wonder comes from the North Pole, where due to the disasters his house and his family were lost. He was adopted by a family in some southern country and starts to go to school on the first day. Where he lived, of course, he brought joy to friends and classmates as he could transform himself into any flavor of ice cream that any child wanted at any time! Unfortunately, however, the treatment he receives at his new school was not what was expected for him nor for his family, of course, who do not understand what is happening from the beginning.

The fairy tale touches on a major problem of our modern times, which is largely found in student communities, school bullying. As a mother first of all to a young child and then as a writer how did you feel writing the story?

The story was written in 2015, on the occasion of an incident that shocked the country and it's like had not been revealed until then, at least in Greece. Then, of course, I wasn't a mother yet. Now that I see how the incidents, of lesser or greater intensity and extent, continue and increase respectively, inside and outside schools, I could never have imagined that my child would be a victim of bullying and would not tell me. I would personally feel that I am not doing a good job as a mother and educator if I could not communicate with him and understand the change in his behavior.

In your book, how much value is there in accepting the other?

The most important value in the book is the concept of diversity. We may actually all be of the same material, but no one is the same and it is necessary to accept him as he is. This is something that needs to be taught to children from a young age and I hope that Ice Wonder and his story will contribute in this direction. After all, we are all different, but we are all equal! How boring would anything else be?

What do you consider the most important inner gift for a person today?

Be yourself and be honest. It is the safest way to be happy.

Finally, how can readers get your book?

They can get it directly from me, at a special price (with a gift of the eBook, the recorded narration, a sticker, a handmade gift and a handwritten dedication), if he sends me a private message on Facebook: @oparfes or to Ice Wonder own email!:

It is also available in selected bookstores (online and physical stores) all over Greece (indicatively I mention Protoporia, Politeia, Ianos, Public,...) and by order nationwide. Don't hesitate, young and old, to ask for it and order it. Ice Wonder and independent book producers need everyone's support.

Source:, 31 Oct 2019

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