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Edited by Nitsa Manola

Who am I? I am Sofianna Paidousi. I am a kindergarten teacher, writer and English teacher. I have studied screenwriting, directing, audiovisual production, creative writing (fairy tale and juvenile literature) and playwriting. I have specialized in Graphic Design, static image processing, InDesign, Web Development, E-Business & Marketing and Social Media Marketing at the National Kapodistrian University of Athens, as well as in Subtitling at the Hellenic American Union. In October I started my postgraduate studies in Educational Psychology at the University of Neapolis Pafos.

What I do: I write fairy tales, blogger, 

(theatre, for children, music and book),

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Book no.1

You can also find me here:

Three abilities/qualities that distinguish me: organization, methodical, creativity

My three weaknesses: travel, comedy movies, company with chocolate drinks and chocolate croissants (production of the chocolate!)

Which characteristic would I like to have: To be invisible and travel through time

If you ask my friends, they will say how I am: in a fantasy world where everything is magic... (like Disneyland or not?)

I am writing because: I don't know where else I can channel my imagination and dreams...

If I were to open a bar tomorrow I would name it: Sophie Patisserie/croissanterie

The cartoon I still watch today: I don't watch a specific one, but I have seen both "Frozen" many times!

The "stupidest" thing I've ever done: I went on the "Ring of Death" as a high school student at an amusement park (I'm still giddy...)

I am happy because: I have a crazy crazy family that supports me in everything I do... (like they can do it in another way...)

A topic that gives me anxiety when it's discussed: My children's future

A so far elusive goal of mine: To make a movie of one of my fairy tales

If I ever get arrested it will be because: I got into a fight in the street with an unconscious person who did not obey the Road Traffic Code

My family in one word: Supernatural!

One thing I'm proud of: For studies, my "spiritual children" (books) and my sons... (okay for my dog too!)

One thing I regret: That I was not as close as I would have liked to the people in my close environment, when they needed me the most, due to covid and other conditions

I leave a friendly/romantic relationship when: There is no present, so there is no future

The phrase I use the most: Everything is in the mind!

If I were a color I would be: All the colors of the rainbow

Publisher: Ydroplano, Ocelotos

Title of book/s: "The Amphimirror", "Ice Wonder"


Source:, April 4 2021

Book no.2
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