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Marcela is a cute little monkey who lives in a fragrant, touristic village called Nios. Everything is going smoothly and nicely. But what happens when he suddenly accidentally inhales a dangerous gas and the only way to get well is to... fart promiscuously? How will the rest of the animals of the village and the forest, especially the strict King Leonard, react when they find out that a vast cloud of bocha covers the whole kingdom and threatens not only the permanent residents but also the visiting tourists?

A different humorous tale that, in addition to fake news, touches on a taboo subject that plagues young and old from... a young age,

for the first time in the Greek literature!

Illustration: Giorgos Pallis

Creative activities-Theatrical improvisations:

Elena Aivazopoulou


Pediatrician's opinion: Marialena Kalymniou

Ανώνυμο (Εξώφυλλο βιβλίου) (2250 × 1403 px) (3).png
Book no.1
Book no.2
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